#47 Decoding Collaboration: Better Teamwork with Working Styles

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Better Teamwork with Working Styles

Have you ever wished you had a cheat sheet to decode how your teammates tick? Well, that's exactly what working styles do.

Working styles involve a document that outlines crucial details regarding an individual's communication style, expectations, unique quirks, and effective ways to interact with them — this approach facilitates connections and establishes a shared understanding within your design team.

By setting clear expectations, your designers will grasp your preferred work methods and management approach.

Understanding the working styles of each team member streamlines your leadership, saving time and reducing misunderstandings.

Think of it as the ultimate (and fun) guide to understanding how your colleagues communicate, their quirks, and how you can mesh your ways into one smooth, productive workflow.

The Decoder: Unraveling team dynamics for better collaboration

As a manager, you're like the captain of a ship navigating through collaboration waters. Take these questions along for the journey and watch how understanding working styles charts a course for seamless teamwork:

Getting real.

"What are some misconceptions people have had about you in the past?"

Ever wondered what people really think about you? Sometimes, it's not what they say directly, but those little comments from friends or partners that hold the truth. These hints can be goldmines of insight to bridge gaps in understanding.

Doing. it. right.

"What do you care most about in terms of how work is done?"

Imagine cooking up a project together. Just like everyone has their own way of chopping veggies, there's a knack for how each person gets things done. Imagine how smooth the teamwork stew could be if everyone's ingredients were prepped just right.

Talk the talk.

"How do you communicate?"

Collaboration's secret sauce? Communication. Are you straight to the point or all about hinting and nudging? Figuring out where you stand on this scale, and where your teammates fit, is like finding the map to the treasure of great teamwork.

Press, pause, and play.

"What are your hot buttons?"

Every team has its quirks, like those buttons you don't want to be pushed. Maybe you're the type who needs a heads-up before a deadline whooshes by, or you can't stand interruptions during meetings. Recognizing and respecting these unique traits creates smoother seas ahead.

Team tales.

"What are our quirks?"

Picture this: Rizka, the morning avoider. She's declared the morning hours a no-go zone for critical meetings. That's just one shade in the colorful mosaic of your team's personalities. Embracing these quirks makes for a more colorful and creative crew.


Remember. This isn't just a one-time exercise—it's a toolkit for teamwork. As you learn what makes your team tick, remember that your way isn't the only way.

Just like adjusting your sail to the wind, adapting your style to match theirs is what takes your leadership to the next level. Switching from team player to captain can feel like stepping into uncharted territory. But think of this exercise as your treasure map.

Learning their lingo while sharing yours builds strong connections, bridges gaps, and turbocharges productivity. In the world of UX, it's not just about user interfaces; it's about understanding, synergy, and creating something extraordinary together.

Good luck! 🍀

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